Toyota Land Cruiser J40 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Land Cruiser including FJ40, FJ41, FJ42, FJ43, FJ44, FJ45, FJ46, FJ47, BJ40, BJ41, BJ42, BJ43, BJ44, BJ45, BJ46, BJ47, HJ40, HJ41, HJ42, HJ43, HJ44, HJ45, HJ46, HJ47.

Toyota Land Cruiser BJ42 Under-hood decal set 1981 to 1984

Complete your BJ42 Landcruiser Restoration in style with this under-hood decal set.

Contains the following decals:

  • Injection pump caution (yellow decal)
    EDIC drive
    Australian Design Reg 'ADR' compliance (silver)
    Fuel separator (blue)
    Starter motor; and

Decal pack may also be used for

  • North America / USA models (ADR decal n/a)
    Other FJ and HJ (EDIC decal n/a)
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