Toyota Supra A70 Spare Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Supra models including MA70, GA70, JZA70 and JZA70-R.

Toyota Exterior Moulding or Vent Clip Pack TH0497

Toyota exterior moulding clip pack to suit various Toyota models - Corolla, Carina, Corona, Hilux, Surf, Land Cruiser, MR2, Starlet and Supra

These clips have a 7mm square head and rubber washer and are plastic push in trim clips used to fasten side mouldings, vents, grillesand various other exterior trim items.

Can be purchased in packs of 10 or 20 - use the drop down menu.

Suits the following models:

Toyota Supra

  • GA70, JZA70 and MA70

Toyota MR2

  • ZZW30

Toyota Corolla

  • AE80, AE81, AE82, CE80, EE80
  • AE91, AE92, CE90, CE96, CE97, EE90, EE96, EE97, EE98
  • AE100, AE101, AE102, CE100, CE106, CE108, CE109, EE100, EE101, EE105, EE106, EE107 and EE108

Toyota Carina

  • TA60, TA62, CA60, SA60
  • AT170, AT171, CT170, CT176, ET176, ST170 and ST171

Toyota Corona 

  • CT147, KT147, TT147, YT140
  • AT177, CT176, CT177, ET176 and ST171

Toyota Starlet

  • EP70, EP71, EP76, NP70 and NP76

 Toyota Hilux / Surf

  • KDN185, KZN185, RZN180, RZN185 and VZN185

Toyota Land Cruiser

  • FZJ100, FZJ105, HDJ100, HDJ101, HZJ105 and UZJ100

 Toyota Soarer

  • JZZ30, JZZ31, UZZ30, UZZ31, UZZ32
  • UZZ40

Our clips are European made and are well fitting suited to restorers and repairers.

Shipping worldwide weekly - no problems for overseas buyers.


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