Toyota MR2 W30 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota MR2 W30

Toyota MR2 ZZW30 Frunk Clip

Frunk clip and bungey cord for your third generation Toyota MR2 W30 series .

Suited to all Toyota MR2 ZZW30 also known as a Toyota MRS, Toyota MR2 Roadster and Toyota MR Roadster built between 1999 to 2007 our frunk clip comes complete with bungey cord, is stronger than OEM factory originals and is made in Australia to the highest quality.

A small but very functional part, this clip holds the frunk spare wheel cover up whilst the front hood is open - just the thing needed if you're changing a tyre (especially in the wind, rain or snow). Why perservere with a broken clip when you can now simply replace it with this reproductin by Toyota Heritage.

Complete your 'third gen' Toyota MR2 project in style - whether its a retro-ride, drift car, daily driver or restoration project.

Shipping worldwide weekly - no problems for overseas buyers.