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GR Yaris Cargo Area Tough Mat Full Sized

GR Yaris Cargo Area Tough Mat Full Sized

Cargo area 'tough mat' for your Toyota GR Yaris. 

You may also know this product as a luggage area mat or trunk mat for your GR Yaris.

Suited specifically to the GR Yaris GXPA16 also known as a GRFour Yaris this cargo area tough mat has been made in Australia to the highest quality.

Available in two colours. This full sized mat will cover the whole cargo area when the rear seat of your Toyota GR Yaris is folded down. Our tough mats are trimmed and made from a tough wearing material to match the interior of your Toyota GR Yaris and protect the floor of your GR Yaris. Perfect for dog owners, the golf clubs and buggy or perhaps if you drive your track day GR Yaris to the track our mat is perfect for loading in your spare set of wheels and tyres that you only use on the track!

Complete your Toyota GR Yaris in style with this full sized cargo area tough mat from Toyota Heritage.

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* Colour - Tough Mat: