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Toyota R Engine Air Cleaner Service Decal

Reproduction air cleaner service decal to suit Toyota R engine models.

This decal was applied to various models throughout the 1960's including Crown (RS40, RS50), Tiara, Corona (RT30, RT40, RT50 etc) and Stout (RK40, RK43, RK100, RK101), and denoted the servicing requirements for the air filter cartridge.

Applied to the air cleaner assembly, these decals are correct in every detail and finish your restoration to concourse levels!

Fitted to the top face of the air cleaner assembly (some models on the arm, others on the side of the main body) this decal is most visible immediately when the bonnet (hood) is opened. 

Often the original decal may have been removed or simply fallen off over the life of the vehicle. 

Complete your classic model Crown, Tiara, Corona or Stout in style whether its a daily driver, shop truck or detailed resto.

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