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Toyota Publica UP10 UP20 and Toyota Sports 800 UP15 Oil Filter Cannister Decal  (Japanese)

Complete your UP10 Toyota Publica, UP20 Toyota Publica or UP15 Toyota Sports 800 restoration project in style with a reproduction oil filter cannister decal.

These oil filter cannister decals were fitted to the side face of the oil filter cannister of all:

  • UP10 model Toyota Publica that were originally delivered in Japan or some of the very early international delivered cars such as UP10 and UP10D also known as Toyota 700
  • UP20 model  Toyota Publica delivered in Japan sich as UP20, UP20S and UP20D; and
  • UP15 model Toyota Sports 800 also delivered in Japan or some of the very early international delivered cars

You may find that your original decal is missing or sometimes they have peeled or corroded and are no longer legible.

Our reproduction decals are accurate in every detail and printed using original foil type material.

We ship globally to all countries weekly.