Toyota Crown S60 S70 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Crown including MS60, MS62, MS63, MS64, MS65, MS66V, MS70 and MS75.

Toyota Crown S60 Series Moulded Carpet Set

Front and rear moulded floor carpet for your fourth generation S60 series Toyota Crown. 

Suited to all Toyota Crown S60 series built between 1971 to 1974 our moulded carpets are well fitting and made in Australia to the highest quality.

Suits all sedan and wagon models in the series including RS60, RS66V, MS60, MS62, MS66V, MS64, MS67V, MS65 and MS68V.

Available in loop or plush pile and fourteen different colours. Just use the drop down menus to select pile and colour.

NOTE: Colour swatches shown are on plush pile carpet and may differ slightly on loop.

Complete your 'fourth gen' Toyota Crown project in style - whether its a retro-ride, daily driver or restoration project.

Shipping worldwide weekly - no problems for overseas buyers.


* Carpet Colour:

* Carpet Pile:

* Driver Side: