Toyota Crown S50 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Crown including RS50, MS50, RS56, MS56, MS51, RS51, MS53, RS53, MS55, RS55, MS57, and RS57.

Crown S50 series Tail light lenses wagon/pick-up early build MS56 RS56

Complete your 'old school' Toyota Crown project in style!

Set of six rear tail light, reversing and indicator lenses for the S50 series Toyota Crown station wagon ('estate wagon') or pick-up ('ute') - MS56 and RS56 early builds (1967 to 1969).

Replaces red sections - Koito 2495L (left side) and L2495R (right side).

Replaces amber sections - Koito 2494L (left side) and L2494R (right side).

Replaces clear sections - Koito L2496L (left side) and L2496R (right side)

These lenses are increasingly harder to find as NOS and our reproductions are Australian made using the highest quality tooling and are faithful reproductions.
Look great in a vintage restoration project, retro ride, drift mobile or just an every day driver.
Ship worldwide every week - so no problems for international buyers.