Toyota Crown S40 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Crown including RS40, MS40, RS46, MS46, MS41, RS41, MS43, RS43, MS45, RS45, MS45S.

Toyota Crown S40 Series Front Parker Light Lenses 1962 to 1965

Reproduction parker light lenses for your second generation S40 series Toyota Crown.

Suited to all Toyota Crown S40 series models including RS40, RS43, RS45 and RS46 built between 1962 to 1965 these lenses are faithful reproductions made in Australia to the highest quality and replace original Koito part L1490L (left) and L1490R (right).

These lenses were fitted to the parker lamps thta sit on top of the front bumper of all S40 series Toyota Crown wagon, ute (pick-up) and sedan variants.

Complete your 'old school' Toyota Crown project in style - whether its a retro-ride, drift car, daily driver, restoration project or sleeper!

These lenses have been manufactured using precision tooling to produce a high quality faithful reproduction item.

Shipping worldwide weekly - no problems for overseas buyers.