Toyota Corolla E30 and E50 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Corolla's including KE30, KE35, KE36, KE38, KE50, KE51, KE55, TE30, TE31, TE36V, TE37 and TE52

Toyota 3K-C 4K-C Engine decal

Reproduction engine decal Toyota models with 'Cali-spec' 3K-C and 4K-C engines.

Suits the following Toyota vehicles fitted with a 3K-C or 4K-C engine:

  • Toyota Corolla KE20 (North America only)
  • Toyota Corolla KE30, KE35, KE38 and KE50 (Japan and Australia).
  • Toyota Corolla KE70, KE72 and KE74 (Australia only)
  • Toyota Starlet KP61 1981 to 1984

These decals were fitted to the top of the rocker cover from the factory to denote the installation of the mighty 3K-C or 4K-C engine.

Our reproduction part is exacting in every detail. 

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