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Toyota 3K 4K Head Gasket Wide Fire Ring

Big Bore Head Gasket to suit your 3K or 4K high performance Toyota engine.

This custom made gasket uses a special wide fire ring to give better sealing when the engine is bored oversize 0.040" to 0.060" (1.0-1.5mm). The standard replacement head gaskets typically will not suit more then +040" overbore, and even if you find one that will, the metal reinforcing "fire ring" around the cylinder, is very thin and struggles to seal properly on high compression race engines. Standard gaskets typically fail between the cylinders when the bock is bored more than about 0.030".

Suitable for race, drift or road application. We currently run this gasket in the Toyota Heritage KE17 Sprinter Group Nc race car.

These are custom made upon ordering.

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