Toyota Corolla E10 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Corolla's including KE10, KE11, KE15, KE16, KE17 and KE18 including Sprinters

Corolla E10 series Sprinter Quarter Vent seal RHS KE15 KE17

Sprinter Quarter Vent Window Seal (right hand side) for KE15 and KE17 models.

These seals have been made to the highest precision tooling and production standards. They are a two piece item and the upright section has the correct soft metal spine for correct installation.

Suitable for both left hand drive and right hand drive builds of these early Sprinters. Does not fit the KE10/11 Corolla though (as Sprinters had a 30mm lower roof line).

We currently have this seal fitted to the Toyota Heritage KE17 race car and we receive compliments of how well these seals have been made and finish off our car.

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