Toyota Corolla E10 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Corolla's including KE10, KE11, KE15, KE16, KE17 and KE18 including Sprinters

Toyota K Engine Dual Valve Springs with Titanium Retainers 3K 4K

Toyota K engine dual valve springs with Titanium retainers.

Suitable for all K, 3K, 4K and 5K applications. Road, rally, race or drift.

Designed for use in engines with modified camshafts which typically require the engine to spin faster in order to make more power. These springs will better control the valve motion and therefore allow a higher engine RPM before valve bounce occurs (ie the loss of valve control point). These springs also allow camshafts to have more aggressive acceleration ramps, ie open the valve faster. 

The retainers accept factory locks (collets), which Toyota Heritage can supply if needed.

The original factory standard installed height will provide 38.6kg (85lb) on the valve seat. The table below gives all the data.

mm inch   kg lbs
40 1.575   27.27 60
35 1.378   50.00 110
30 1.181   72.73 160
25 0.984   99.09 218
22 0.866   124.55 274
21 0.827   bound bound

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