Toyota Corolla E10 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Corolla's including KE10, KE11, KE15, KE16, KE17 and KE18 including Sprinters

Corolla Interior vent tag 1966 to 1970

All 1966 to 1970 models assembled in Japan, USA, Europe, Australian and New Zealand. Complete your early Toyota restoration project!

As used on KE10, KE11, KE15, KE16, KE17 and KE18 - Corolla, Sprinter and wagon.

These tags often lost or completely dissintegrated and are no longer available from TMC.

The tags were fitted to the vent control rod and described use and operation for the owner. They instruct the driver of the progressive stage opening of the vent to shift from fresh air to recirculated air.

Reproduced meticulously to original detail including print stock, text through to cord. One side in English and the reverse side in original Japanese (just like the originals in the 1960's).

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