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AMI Paint Code Decal 1969-1971 M to W Lustrelife

All colours available from 1969 to 1971.

Complete your early Toyota restoration project in complete style!

These AMI Lustrelife paint colour decals were fitted in the engine bay of all early model Toyota's built during 1969 to 1971. These were applied to the Port Melbourne (Australia) assembled Crown, Corolla and Corona.

Our decals are correct in every detail including artwork, colour names and paint codes.

Colours used by AMI and included in our range of decals to chose from are:

  • Apple
  • Bronze Metallic
  • Caribbean
  • Cirrus Grey
  • Columbine Blue
  • Cornflower
  • Cream
  • Deep Russet
  • Desert Beige
  • Havana Gold
  • Hayman Blue
  • Marina Turquoise
  • Midnight Blue
  • Mocca
  • Peak White
  • Signal Red
  • Sirius White
  • Targa Pearl Metallic
  • White 
  • Willow

Often many cars have lost this decal when an owner has removed it for painting the original decal has been torn or lost.

If you cannot find your colour in the decals with have listed please contact us at Toyota Heritage.

We can also assist in identifying the colour of your car if you are unsure which decal to purchase.

These decals were also fitted to Rambler (Matador, Rebel, Hornet, American etc), Triumph (Herald, 2000, 2000PI, 2500TC etc) and AMC (Javelin, AMX etc). 


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