Toyota Celica T230 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Celica including ZT230 and ZZT231.

GR Yaris Front Sway Bar Kit

Reduce weight transfer and improve handling and performance of your seventh generation Toyota Celica with Toyota Heritage roll centre adjusters.

Owners who have lowered their seventh generation Toyota Celica ZZT230 using adjustable coil overs may be experiencing increased roll and weight transfer when cornering. You can now adjust your roll centre back to the factory setting using Toyota Heritage roll centre adjusters and eliminate the increased roll caused through lowering your car.

Toyota Heritage GR Yaris roll centre adjusters are Australian made using high grade aluminium and are anodised to the highest standards and are suited to ZZT230 and ZZT231 model Toyota Celica.

The standard size roll centre adjuster we offer for the Toyota Celica ZZT230 or ZZT231 is 20mm. This is an ideal size suited to lowering your Toyota Celica ZZT230 or ZZT231 using coil overs and to the extent that does not require re-engineering of the tie-rod end ball joint at the steer knuckle.

For the series motorsport competitor Toyota Heritage can make custom sized roll centre adjusters to suit your Toyota Celica ZZT230 or ZZT231 - simply message us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Our roll centre adjusters come complete with bolts, washers and nuts for simple fitment.

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