Toyota Celica A20 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota Celica including RA20, RA21, RA22, RA23, RA24, RA25, RA28, RA29, TA22, TA23, TA27

Toyota 18R Engine Build Plate

Available for Toyota models with 18R or 18RC engines (select from drop down box).

These plates suit various Toyota models including:

  • Toyota Celica RA20, RA21 and RA22 (18R engine)
  • Toyota Celica RA23, RA24, RA25, RA28, RA29, RA40, RA45 and RA55 (18R-C engine)
  • Toyota Corona RT85, RT95, RT89V, RT104, RT114, RT118, RT122 and RT132 (18R engine)
  • Toyota Corona RT132 (18R-C engine)
  • Toyota Mark ii RX12, RX22, RX28, RX30, RX32, RX35, RT63, RT73, RT78 and RT79 (18R-C engine)
  • Toyota Hilux RN22 and RN27 (18R engine)

You may find that your original plate is missing (these are not a VIN!) as an owner may have removed it for painting of sometimes they have corroded and are no longer legible.

The plate was used to inform the production line workers as to what model engine was to be fitted to the vehicle - part of Toyota's quality program!

Our reproduction part is exacting in every detail. 

The pricing includes having your car's data applied to the plate before we ship it to you.

We ship globally to all countries weekly. No problems for overseas buyers.

* engine model: