Toyota MR2 W20 Series Parts

Spare parts for Toyota MR2 W20

Available in clear, smoke or amber complete your SW20 MR2 project in style with these rear side lenses.

These lenses suit Rev 3 and Rev 4 MR2 built between 1994 and 1997.

Availbale in the following colours:

Custom colours:

  • Clear
  • Smoke

Original colours:

  • Amber (JDM, Australia and 'rest of world')

These are made using the highest calibre manufacturing techniques and fit with precision.

Complete your retro ride, rally machine, daily driver, track car or JDM special with that custom touch.

Clear and smoke colour lenses must be used with coloured bulbs. Product is a customisation part; seller does not warrant regulation compliance.

* lense colour options: