Available in silver or black. Suited to Land Cruiser and Hilux.

For Hilux N10 and N20 series. These were placed on the b-pillar to enable cabin air flow behind the driver and were connected via ducting in the b-pillar to a grille on th eouter side of the b-pillar.

For Land Cruiser J40 and J50 series. On the FJ55 (and FJ56 or FJ55V) these were in the rear cabin area and connected via ducting to an external grille alongside the rear fog marker. 

Used also on the FJ45 and FJ47 ute (pick-up) Land Cruiser they were located on the inside of the b-pillar to enable air flow behind the driver.

Because these are such a breakable item we have improved design without compromising the original look. We used the highest quality techniques to reproduce and improve these and they will complement any FJ55 Landcruiser project.

Suited for resto-mod, original restoration, bush beast, bush pig, feral truck.

Complete you restoration project today.

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* black or silver: