Available in USDM and JDM / Rest of World versions. Suits KE10 and KE11 variants built from 1966 to 1968.

The red-amber-clear units are suited to the Japanese Domestic Market ('JDM') and Australian Market which included New Zealand and other South West Pacific nations (eg PNG).

The red-clear-red units are suited to the USA Domestic Market ('USDM') and were also used throughout north America in Canada and Mexico.

Corollas delivered to Europe and Latin America may use either version, depending on country and year.

Replaces original Koito parts L2377 (indicator top section amber or red), L2186 (oval shape reflector) and L2376 (red tail light and clear back-up light).

Complete your early model Corolla project in style - whether its a retro-ride, drift machine, restoration project or street registered!

These lenses have been produced in Australia to highest quality and are faithful reproduction items. It comes in three pieces; the indicator (amber or red), a reflector (red oval), stop light & reverse (red and clear section).

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* usdm or jdm-rest of world: