Inner guard (fender) fastener clip pack to suit various Toyota models - Celica, Corolla, Camry, MR2, Carina, Caldina

These clips are used to fasten inner guards (fenders) to the outer guard and are screwed into place. 

Can be purchased in packs of 10 or 20 - use the drop down menu.

Suits the following models:

Toyota Celica

  • TA40, TA45, TA41, TA42, TA46, TA47, RA40, RA45, RA55, RA46, RA42 and RA43
  • TA60, TA61, AA63, TA62, TA63, TA64, SA60, RA63, RA60, RA6, SA63, RA64 and RA65
  • ST160, ST162, AT160, ST163, ST164 and ST165
  • ST180, ST184 and ST185
  • ST200, ST202, ST203, ST204 and ST205

 Toyota MR2

  • AW10 and AW11
  • SW20 and SW21
  • ZZW30

Toyota Corolla

  • AE81, AE82, AE85 and AE86
  • AE90, AE92, AE93, AE94, AE95 and AE96
  • AE101, AE102 and AE112 

 Toyota Camry

  • SV10, SV11, SV12, CV10 and CV11
  • SV20, SV21 and SV22

Toyota Caldina 

  • ST191, ST195 and ST198

 Toyota Carina

  • TA40, TA41, TA42, TA47, TA57, RA40, RA45, RA46, RA55 and RA56
  • AA60, KA67V, AA63, TA60, TA61, TA67V, TA62, TA63, RA63, CA60 and CA67V
  • ST162
  • ET176V, AT170, AT175, ST170, ST170G, CT170, CT170G and CT176V
  • AT192, AT190, AT191, ST190, ST195, CT190 and CT195
  • AAT212, AT210, AT211, ST210, ST215, CT210, CT215, CT211 and CT216

Our clips are European made and are well fitting suited to restorers and repairers.

Shipping worldwide weekly - no problems for overseas buyers.


* Pack size: