Toyota Heritage help complete the fine details on a TA22 Celica

Toyota Heritage help complete the fine details on a TA22 Celica

Here at Toyota Heritage we believe its the fine detail stuff that makes a big difference in the restoration of your Toyota project - it makes your car complete and neat. Our customer Steve who lives in Tasmania (Australia) tends to agree and last year purchased an 'under bonnet' decal and also was one our earliest customers to take up our service offering for refurbishment of cam covers.

Steve's car is the beautiful little 1973 TA22 Toyota Celica you see before you here. Dressed us with some GT steelies (wheels) and bonnet vents you can tell Steve loves the fine details. Steve installed his refurbished cam cover earlier this year and has sent us some great shots of his TA22 Toyota Celica and the parts he purchased from us. Seen here in a close shot, Steve's refurbished cam cover looks a treat in a wrinkle finish black matte. Steve says he is pleased with the finish and we think its a great fit with the rest of the work Steve has done on his beautiful TA22 Toyota Celica.  

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Refurbished 2TG cam cover (aka engine cover) helps finish off Steve's engine bay in his TA22 Celica.

The Toyota Heritage exchange cam cover service can finish off any cam cover in any colour but we do tend to like the traditional matte black wrinkle and flame red finishes. Owners are required to ship their original cam cover to Toyota Heritage to get the process rolling. Sometimes we have a cam cover already complete and meets the customers requirements, but if we don't its about a 28 day turnaround. To date we've mostly done 2TG and 18RG covers and the odd 3SGE and 4AGE, but are able to do most any. 

Steve was also one of the early buyers of our 2T-G 2T-GR valve clearance decals (only  a few are left as these have been popular). Like so many of our customers who purchase our under bonnet (hood) decals Steve is most satisfied with how it too compliments his build on his TA22 Toyota Celica. When we reproduced these decals we spent a lot of time ensuring that the Japanese characters were all correct along with the fonts, pitch and spacing and of course the foil material. This has paid off for customers like Steve who's car is now looking splendid with such fine detail added.

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2T-G and 2T-GR Valve Clearance decal - just one of those fine detail products from Toyota Heritage that sets your build apart from others.

The 2T-G and 2T-GR valve clearance decals are available from the Toyota Heritage online store at this link:

If you wish to find out more details from Toyota Heritage about our cam cover exchange service then please send us an email using this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.