Toyota Heritage moulded carpets help complete a beautiful MS75 Coupe

Toyota Heritage moulded carpets help complete a beautiful MS75 Coupe

In the last half of 2021 we received an email from Bertrand in France who was in need of a moulded carpet for his beautiful MS75 Crown coupe. After having paid another vendor who never delivered the purchased carpet to Bertrand he had become a tad despondent. Then after being supplied a moulded carpet from Toyota Heritage, Bertrand has joined the ranks of our many happy customers. 

Bertrand had been noticing the Toyota Heritage posts on Facebook that had been shared to various Crown pages that he follows. In reaching out to Toyota Heritage Bertrand was seeking a vendor who could deliver a left hand drive moulded carpet  - make it and get it to him in France. 

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Moulded carpet from Toyota Heritage - on arrival at Bertrand's address.

Putting aside that we like to help all Toyota enthusiasts we could sense that Bertrand's experience with our competing vendor had not only left a bad impression with Bertrand but in fact they had let down Australia. 

initially we had to assure ourselves that the S60 series Crown moulded carpet we make and sell for the sedans and wagons would fit the coupe body. Some amount of internet sleuthing later and a bit of dimension data on the various body types and we knew that we could help.  

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Left Hand Drive MS75 Crown coupe moulded carpet - installed in Bertrands beautiful coupe.

The next piece in the puzzle was to work up the left hand drive fitment - again a lot of internet sleuthing down and pics galore we were certain we could make a LHD carpet for Bertrand.

Adding to this story was the fact that where we are located, Brisbane is prone to flooding with heavy seasonal rains...and just as our production schedule had Bertrand's carpet up for production the heavens opened. We had two flood events in our part of Brisbane this last summer as a result. Poor Bertrand was waiting patiently for his moulded carpet though. Finally we had it all made, packaged and shipped to Bertrand.

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Traditional type underlay chosen by Bertrand - works well with our moulded carpets as does other matting types.

Bertrand has now fitted his moulded carpet from Toyota Heritage and says it fits prefectly. Sharing some pics via his own Facebook page we can see that Betrand has used a traditional underlay and been able to fit the carpet with ease. With a new moulded carpet no doubt Bertrand's MS75 feels complete - because new carpets always make a car feel complete but also because this has been one long journey to reach this point.

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A perfect fit for Bertrand and Toyota Heritage!

If you wish to find out more details from Toyota Heritage about our moulded carpets then please send us an email using this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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The other half of the story - passenger side of Bertrands LHD MS75 Crown coupe.