Ignition Leads for your Toyota

Ignition Leads for your Toyota

We assume that most owners of vintage and classic model Toyota vehicles already know that the largest manufacturers of ignition leads progressively cut their catalogues each year and sadly with this comes the challenge for owners to keep their cars on the road or track. Further impacting catalogues, and as much as we like EV conversions, is the threat to ignition lead manufacture that EV's bring (ie they don't need ignition leads).

With this is mind Toyota Heritage is working hard to develop its catalogue of ignition leads (and related ancillary parts). Over the last month we have listed some of the kits that we now make available to enthusiasts of older Toyota vehicles that have a four cylinder petrol power plant.

First up we listed in our online store ignition leads that suit vehicles sporting 3SGE engines. This also includes models such as the Toyota Celica GT-Four variants of the ST165, ST185 and ST205.

Our core objective here is to ensure that the ignition lead kits we offer provide the correct length of lead and the correct plug tube cups and distributor cups. All our leads are fitted with 1300 ohms per metre Ferrite Spiral Core conductor which by induction design delivers peak voltage to the plugs ensuring almost complete combustion for super quick starts and smooth running. Our leads are tested to ISO 3808 Standards.

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TH74577 ignition lead kits - for all models in the T180 series Toyota Celica and also some variants of the Toyota MR2 SW20.

We are currently working our way into the models that are powered by 4AGE and some of its variants. We are also commencing work for providing kits of basically all petrol engine Toyota models including those powered by six cylinder and V8 engines. There is a lot of ground to cover for this project as you may suspect, but its a labour of love for us here at Toyota Heritage. There may be some period where we list a kit in our store without a product photo and we ask you, our valued customers, to bear with us while we work through the processes that get a fully photographed listing up and running in our store.

In conjunction with our ignition lead catalogue project we are also developing a range of reproduction lead clips to hold your leads in the correct manner as per the OEM design. We had done some work in this area some time ago and its a pleasure to be picking it up again and running this smaller scale project in parallel to the leads. 

We are also happy to hear from any customers who are struggling to find their vehicle's ignition lead set in the market place. We can't promise miracles but our rapport with the OEM means that we can virtually source and supply a kit for most any Toyota model.

If you wish to find out more details from Toyota Heritage about our ignition lead catalogue project then please send us an email  using this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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TH54299 ignition lead kits - suited to later edition of the Toyota Celica ST185 and the ST205.