New Dash Fascia for your Toyota MR2 SW20

New Dash Fascia for your Toyota MR2 SW20

Second generation Toyota MR2 owners, rejoice - your dash is now being reproduced to accommodate a whole range of performance and EV instrument clusters !

Here at Toyota Heritage we recognise the diverse range of use that our customers have for their chosen Toyota model.  The Toyota Heritage moto of "Love one - Love all" reflects this as we truly love all the ways in which our customers use their car.

In keeping with this moto and developing products to cater for a wide range of application we here at Toyota Heritage are very excited about the some additional reproduction dash fascia's we will be making and selling this month.

The second generation Toyota MR2 (SW20 and SW21) is one of the first Toyota models that comes to mind when we think about diverse use. As you and many others have seen that are used in many track applications, dry lake competition, rallying, restoration, daily driver and USA based EV Conversion specialist also provides a kit for BEV conversion of the SW20. 

Similar to other models for which we are making dash fascia's for, it all starts with making a basic blank model dash fascia. From this Toyota Heritage can configure and manufacture a dash that is essentially bespoke. Not only can we change out the instrument cluster from factory gauges to digital performance instrumentation such as Haltech but we can also swap in almost any unit including those suited to BEV conversion. 

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The 'blank' model - makes most any application of our second generation Toyota MR2 dash fascia possible.

We are still working at catering for a wide range of finishes on these dash fascias.  Carbon fibre, matte black and silver are all possible, and if you wanted something altogether different perhaps even a woodgrain finish is possible too. Let us know what floats your boat. 

Toyota Heritage is busy working away on reproduction dash fascia's for other Toyota models too. We're happy to hear from customers who may have another model in mind with a particular application too. Keep watching here in Latest News and also follow us on Facebook for more details.

The Toyota Heritage second generation Toyota MR2 SW20 reproduction dash fascia will be listed in our online store soon.

If you wish to find out more details from Toyota Heritage about our third generation Toyota MR2 SW20 reproduction dash fascia's then please send us an email  using this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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Second generation Toyota MR2 dash fascia configured for Haltech application .