Happy Customer in the UK - moulded carpet A20 Celica

Toyota Heritage's moulded carpets are selling to a global customer base.  Most popular have been moulded carpets for first generation (A20 series) Toyota Celicas closely followed by the fourth generation (S60 series) Toyota Crown. 

With Toyota Heritage's range being available in 18 colours for the first generation Celica and covering both wheel base lengths this not surprising .

Mick who lives in the UK recently ordered a moulded carpet for his RA28 Celica in black and in a plush pile. The photos below are of Mick's initial test fit.  As you can see Mick has used an underlay, which no doubt will add to the ride comfort of his RA28 and is something that Toyota Heritage would also recommend. 

 Although Mick is yet to fully install his moulded carpet in his RA28 Toyota Celica he says that the fit is good and he's happy with the fit.


Toyota GR Yaris snow

Seemed edge - fits nicely to the floor shape and where it should be for a faithful resto.

We think that Mick's paint work looks superb (from what we can see of it) and we here at Toyota Heritage are not only looking forward to hearing from Mick once final installation of the moulded carpet has taken place, but we'd also love to see some more photos of his RA28 Toyota Celica once restoration is completed.

Thank you to Mick - not only do we love to hear from happy customers but also for supplying pics of the test fit of the moulded carpet.

If you are interested in purchasing a moulded carpet for your first generation (A20 series) Toyota Celica you can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go direct to the A20 Series Toyota Celica section of our store by clicking the following link:  https://www.toyotaheritage.com/index.php/parts-shop/celica/celica-a20


 No product photo image Copy

Partly installed and with underlay - a good complimentry product for a really nice install!