Left Hand Drive Floor Mats for Classic and Vintage Toyota Models

Left Hand Drive Floor Mats for Classic and Vintage Toyota Models

Toyota Heritage may be based in Australia but it certainly has a great relationship with North America, South America and Europe.  Not to leave our valued customers in the countries in these regions Toyota Heritage has started to build its left hand drive (LHD) carpet floor mat range.

The first set of LHD mats that Toyota Heritage produces was for the JZA80 Toyota Supra. We did this a few months ago and since then many sets of LHD mats have been exported to customers in Canada, USA and Europe. We got the call up from a customer in the USA who had purchased some of our OEM parts, and they were keen for our quality plush pile mats with non-slip foam backing.  It took Toyota Heritage about a week to get the floor pattern sorted and then the mats were made and shipped.


Toyota GR Yaris snow

Left hand drive floor mats for the JZA80 Toyota Supra.



Its always an interesting dynamic after we make a reproduction part for the JZA80 Toyota Supra - its usually not long after that we are asked by a customer in the AE86 community to produce a part - and this time was no exception either. A week after exporting the floor mats for the JZA80 Toyota Supra we received an email asking for AE86 Toyota Corolla Sprinter floor mats to suit LHD.

 Toyota Heritage's left hand drive floor mats for the AE86 Toyota Corolla Sprinter have been popular in a loop pile with buyers so far. Some of the colours that match up nicely with the OEM interior trim of the AE86 Toyota Corolla Sprinter include Sprindrift, Brown and Burgundy. These will also fit the earlier AE85 Toyota Corolla Sprinter and can be complimented ever so nicely with one of Toyota Heritage's trunk mats for the AE86 Toyota Corolla Sprinter.

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Left hand drive floor mats for the AE86 Toyota Corolla Sprinter!              https://www.toyotaheritage.com/index.php/parts-shop/corolla-sprinter/corolla-e80/400-toyota-sprinter-ae86-floor-mat-set-lhd

Being an owner of an a ZZW30 Toyota MR2 Spyder and being on many of the MR2 forums it wasn't long before some customers joined the dots with our floor mat range and started asking Toyota Heritage if we can produce LHD floor mats for what is known as the ZZW30 Toyota MRS in many of the LHD countries. We have made these mats but are yet to list in our store. AW11 owners were also quick to follow and ask for their mats to be made - we now also have LHD mats for the AW11 Toyota MR2 in our range also.

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So what's next for Toyota Heritage's range of LHD floor mats for classic and vintage Toyota vehicles? We're working on bringing to market LHD floor mats over the next six months for:

  • Celica - A40, A50, T160 and T180 series
  • Supra - A60 and A70 series
  • Land Cruiser - J60 series 

We are truly looking forward to working with customers in the Americas and Europe (and Middle East too) to bring these floor mats to market for LHD vehicles. If you're keen to assist us, make a pre-order, get a colour swatch or even ask about another model all together then please email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.