Toyota Heritage's 2022 Floor Mat Range

Over the last quarter our floor mat range grew and now covers a wide range of Toyota vehicles. It will grow further in 2022 too.

Material supply issues dogged us all year with the manufacture of our plastic and rubber parts as well as our sway bars. So we put a tonne of effort in the last quarter to focus on our floor mat range where material supply issues were not a problem and they can be made right here in Brisbane.

Our floor mat range all started earlier in the year as we first made mats for the Toyota GR Yaris. On the back of these being launched we got asked by owners of other Toyota models such as Celica, Land Cruiser, Supra, Corolla and MR2 to also make and supply mats for their cars. The owners were keen for mats to suit the passenger cabin and boot (aka trunk) areas in a whole range of colours.



Above and below: it all started with mats for the Toyota GRFour Yaris (aka GR Yaris).

DSC 4839 Copy

DSC 4838 1 Copy

So the quest began in earnest around August in locating various Celica, Land Cruiser, Corolla, Supra, Prado, Yaris and MR2 models. Wherever possible Toyota Heritage sought OEM factory mats to get the proper shape to fit the floor or boot (trunk) space.

By September we had lined up a number of Toyota models and in most cases their respective OEM mats. Work then began on getting mats made, and this is now an ongoing project with new mats being released each week.

By the time we have all sung Auld Lang Syne, welcomed in 2022 and recovered from a hang over, the Toyota Heritage range of floor mats will include:


  • JZA80
  • MA45


  • Second generation A40 series - sedan and lift back
  • Fifth generation T180 series 
  • Sixth generation T200 series 
  • Seventh generation T230 series


  • AW11
  • SW20
  • ZZW30


  • GR Four 
  • Yaris Cross (XP210 series)
  • XP90 series


DSC 5232 Copy

Above: Toyota MR2 AW11 mats - proving popular in loop and plush piles


 But wait there's more, as Tim Shaw used to say:


  • First generation - all E10 series 
  • Fifth generation - AE86 / AE85 and AE82 FXGT
  • Ninth generation - E120 E130 series hatch backs
  • Tenth generation - E140 E150 series hatch backs
  • Eleventh generation - E170 E180 series hatch backs.


  • Second generation T210 series


  • Second generation J90 series LWB Wagons

Land Cruiser

  • J60 series
  • J100 series, including the rear door board

 All our mats are available in any of the fourteen colours Toyota Heritage offers and are now backed by our premium pink foam rubber that gives superior underfoot comfort on long drives and a non slip surface to keep your mats in place.

The first Blue mats we made will find their way into a Paul Walker Fast & Furious tribute JZA80 Supra Aero Top. We have also used the blue, but with grey edge binding to add to the OEM feel of the J90 Prado mats.

In early 2022 we will be listing our J60 Land Cruiser floor mats. For the first set we have produced them in Chestnut which is a perfect match the brown beige interiors of these wonderful Land Cruisers from the 1980's.

Also into 2022 Toyota Heritage will add a feature to its listings that will allow the customer to select the edge binding colour and also if they want to include a heel mat.

We intend to keep building the range. Any customers who are keen to assist can contact Toyota Heritage via email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

DSC 5288 Copy

Above: J90 series Toyota Prado mats have an OEM feel when done in Blue with Grey edge binding.