Floor mats for your GR Yaris - coming soon to Toyota Heritage

Toyota GR Yaris owners rejoice - Toyota Heritage is completing a range of mats to cover all floor areas of your GR Yaris.

It all started for us with trying to get some decent floor mats at a reasonable price. But then we realised nearly every owner of a GR Yaris will be needing floor mats that are versatile and look the part.

Available already are our carpet floor mats for your Toyota GR Yaris (pictured). Toyota Heritage is also in the process of working up a design for a rear cargo area (boot/trunk) carpet mat that can remain installed when the rear seat of your GR Yaris is in the upright position or when folded down. Toyota Heritage is testing this design on one of the team's very own GR Yaris.

 DSC 4667 Copy

 For customers who have to battle with salt, snow, sand or mud  we also have in the pipeline for Toyota GR Yaris owners rubber mats that are deep enough to catch everything and keep your GR Yaris carpets wonderful. Ideal for northern hemisphere owners and alpine region Aussies and Kiwis no doubt.

Toyota Heritage's mats for the GR Yaris will be available in August 2021 and will be available with either a black or red edging and have anchors to hold them in place.

Can't wait till August - email Toyota Heritage now to pre-order your mats This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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