Reproduction L1047 lenses for your early J40 Land Cruiser

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 Now available and exclusively from Toyota Heritage - reproduction lenses to replace Koito L1046 and L1047 for your early 1960's built J40 series Toyota Land Cruiser. Especially suited to the FJ45V and FJ45LV Toyota Land Cruiser these reproduction lenses are the thread-in type that were fitted to the fender mounted clearance lamps.

A replacement lens for the Koito L1407 and L1406 lenses has been unavailable for so long that many owners of FJ45V and FJ45LV Toyota Land Cruisers have switched out the clearance lamps for the type with three screws - so here's the opportunity now to return to your FJ45V or FJ45LV Toyota Land Cruiser to complete factory specification with these wonderful reproduction lenses by Toyota Heritage.


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 These reproduction lenses that replace your L1407 and L1406 lenses have been made possible through a long development period and with the assistance of an enthusiast who owns an Australian delivered FJ45V, and is now the proud owner of the first full set of these reproduction lenses.

Toyota Heritage had a specialised tool made that enables the thread to be manufactured and enables great final positioning of the lenses.

The team at Toyota Heritage say that working with enthusiasts to deliver what they need for their projects brings much enjoyment for both the customer and the team.

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 Not yet available in our online store, Toyota Heritage is taking pre-stock orders and offering a special price of A$100/pair plus shipping ex Brisbane, Australia.

Initially a limited production run will be made. Lenses will be available in amber, red and clear.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order pre-stock of these wonderful reproduction lenses to replace your L1407 and L1406 Koito parts to suit your FJ45V or FJ45LV Toyota Land Cruiser.



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