Happy New Year and Welcome to 2022


Welcome to 2022, the team here at Toyota Heritage trust that you have had a wonderful festive season. Making 2022 better is common theme for many folks and here at Toyota Heritage we are truly hoping that we can assist you in this regard.

Hopefully over the festive season you have had time to draw breath and consider what 2022 will mean for your project or keeping your 'pride and joy' on spec. Planning is part of the fun for cars needing restoration and our online store is a great place to get ideas and work out what you need. During 2022 we will be adding many new products to our range and will also be continuing to update our website to make your restoration planning easier.

Toyota Heritage understands that sometimes its the little things that make such a difference to a restoration or simply maintaining a classic or even a daily drive. Our range of fasteners and clips reflect this understanding and the range will certainly grow over the next 12 months. New clips and fasteners will continue to be made to the same OEM and European standards as those we have available already.


Toyota GR Yaris snow

Clips and fasteners - the ever expanding range will continue to expand at Toyota Heritage during 2022.



We have already started listing some of the newly available sway bars in our store, albeit we haven't had time to gather up some marketing photos. Recently listed in our store are sway bars for cars such as the Corolla ZZE122 (rear bar) as well as front and rear sway bars for the JZA80 Supra. As soon as we set-up a page for the GT86 and  Aurion we will also be listing sway bars for these wonderful cars too.

Work will continue on expanding the Toyota Heritage floor mat range using the vast number of patterns we have developed over the festive season (yes we were as busy as Santa's elves). The expanding range will see mats become available for some of the earliest models that Toyota produced as well as modern classics.

 No product photo image Copy

Don't worry of you see this pic on a listing - we have the parts and just haven't found time to do the marketing pics!

We have also stock piled a heap of badges here that we plan to tool up from in 2022. Badge work has a long development period and takes a lot of financial resources to bring more to market but we are hopeful with much of the covid related material supply issues behind us, that we can ultimately bring more of the 'bling' your car deserves to market this year.

Customers who have been with us for many years will know that a core part of what we bring to market has been lenses and other plastic trim items. 2022 will be no different in this regard and with some investment in additional equipment we are hoping to expedite some of the parts that many customers have been waiting for over the past year or so.

Time permitting, we hope to also tackle a few of our own projects! There's two MS45B Crown sedans and there is of course the RA40GT Celica race car project. But more than anything we are looking forward to having the KE17 Sprinter back on the track in 2022. 

We truly look forward to being of service to our customers and seeing some of you at various events in 2022 - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Toyota Celica Snow

2022 - time to make some inroads on our MS45 projects!

Merry Christmas and Thank you to our Valued Customers

Merry Christmas to all and a big thank you to our valued customers who have supported Toyota Heritage during 2021.

In a Dickens type year, like he says in David Copperfield, it was the best of times and the worst of times as Covid played merry hell on material supply and freight services. But despite Covid impacts we gained many new customers, our product range grew and so did our business. We can not thank our customers enough - many have of you endured long waits for parts to be made and then shipped. Your patience with us was very much appreciated.


Toyota GR Yaris snow

Toyota GRFour Yaris (aka GR Yaris) parts started production and retail in 2021 for Toyota Heritage.



Our business started to grow early in 2021 with the advent of parts for the GRFour Yaris (aka GR Yaris). Being one of the first businesses to bring to market a range of floor mats for these wonderful cars started a real love affair for Toyota Heritage with the GRFour Yaris. Being able to offer adjustable sway bars in custom sizing was also another of our 'first to market' products. Since then our bars have been exported for use by ice rally and motorkhana teams overseas as well as local buyers here in Australia.

Our sway bar range will expand in 2022 to include some interesting models such as the S40 series Toyota Crown.

Making mats and also moulded carpets was a core focus for us in the second half of 2021. This endeavour was brought together with the help of many friends and family members as we sought OEM mats to develop our patterns. As a result we probably now offer the most diverse range of mats and carpets in the world for Toyota models. And our mats range will continue to expand in 2022! Mats for models such as GR86 and Hilux will be part of our 2022 line up.

 Toyota Hilux Snow

Hilux - looking to expand our range of parts in 2022

During 2021 Toyota Heritage commenced supply of OEM spec clips and fasteners. The initial focus had been on clips and fasteners for MR2, Celica and Supra but with other products being launched for other models such as Prado and 100 Series Land Cruiser, we decided that Toyota Heritage would look at supplying as many different clips and fasteners to suit as many models as possible. So during 2022 we will expand this range too and are looking to put together 'resto packs' with the various clips and fasteners required for a given model.

Toyota Heritage's online store will be open throughout Christmas and the Festive Season. We will dispatch any orders for parts we already have on hand but our made to order parts are likely to take longer than our standard 28 day period to dispatch.

Again we express our thanks to all our customers in 2021 and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and the compliments of the Festive Season - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Toyota Celica Snow

Celica - growing our range in 2022 will be a core focus.

Toyota Heritage's 2022 Floor Mat Range

Over the last quarter our floor mat range grew and now covers a wide range of Toyota vehicles. It will grow further in 2022 too.

Material supply issues dogged us all year with the manufacture of our plastic and rubber parts as well as our sway bars. So we put a tonne of effort in the last quarter to focus on our floor mat range where material supply issues were not a problem and they can be made right here in Brisbane.

Our floor mat range all started earlier in the year as we first made mats for the Toyota GR Yaris. On the back of these being launched we got asked by owners of other Toyota models such as Celica, Land Cruiser, Supra, Corolla and MR2 to also make and supply mats for their cars. The owners were keen for mats to suit the passenger cabin and boot (aka trunk) areas in a whole range of colours.



Above and below: it all started with mats for the Toyota GRFour Yaris (aka GR Yaris).

DSC 4839 Copy

DSC 4838 1 Copy

So the quest began in earnest around August in locating various Celica, Land Cruiser, Corolla, Supra, Prado, Yaris and MR2 models. Wherever possible Toyota Heritage sought OEM factory mats to get the proper shape to fit the floor or boot (trunk) space.

By September we had lined up a number of Toyota models and in most cases their respective OEM mats. Work then began on getting mats made, and this is now an ongoing project with new mats being released each week.

By the time we have all sung Auld Lang Syne, welcomed in 2022 and recovered from a hang over, the Toyota Heritage range of floor mats will include:


  • JZA80
  • MA45


  • Second generation A40 series - sedan and lift back
  • Fifth generation T180 series 
  • Sixth generation T200 series 
  • Seventh generation T230 series


  • AW11
  • SW20
  • ZZW30


  • GR Four 
  • Yaris Cross (XP210 series)
  • XP90 series


DSC 5232 Copy

Above: Toyota MR2 AW11 mats - proving popular in loop and plush piles


 But wait there's more, as Tim Shaw used to say:


  • First generation - all E10 series 
  • Fifth generation - AE86 / AE85 and AE82 FXGT
  • Ninth generation - E120 E130 series hatch backs
  • Tenth generation - E140 E150 series hatch backs
  • Eleventh generation - E170 E180 series hatch backs.


  • Second generation T210 series


  • Second generation J90 series LWB Wagons

Land Cruiser

  • J60 series
  • J100 series, including the rear door board

 All our mats are available in any of the fourteen colours Toyota Heritage offers and are now backed by our premium pink foam rubber that gives superior underfoot comfort on long drives and a non slip surface to keep your mats in place.

The first Blue mats we made will find their way into a Paul Walker Fast & Furious tribute JZA80 Supra Aero Top. We have also used the blue, but with grey edge binding to add to the OEM feel of the J90 Prado mats.

In early 2022 we will be listing our J60 Land Cruiser floor mats. For the first set we have produced them in Chestnut which is a perfect match the brown beige interiors of these wonderful Land Cruisers from the 1980's.

Also into 2022 Toyota Heritage will add a feature to its listings that will allow the customer to select the edge binding colour and also if they want to include a heel mat.

We intend to keep building the range. Any customers who are keen to assist can contact Toyota Heritage via email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

DSC 5288 Copy

Above: J90 series Toyota Prado mats have an OEM feel when done in Blue with Grey edge binding.

Floor mats for your GR Yaris - with clips

After midnight tonight (AEST) Toyota GR Yaris owners can purhase floor mats in plush or loop pile for their GR Yaris from Toyota Heritage .

Its taken a little while but we now have GR Yaris floor mats that have an eyelet for the floor anchors on the drivers side mat.

Originally we planned to do the mats only in black with a red trim edge. While this will be the standard product, Toyota Heritage will also offer GR Yaris owners floor mats in Red, Charcoal and Slate Grey.

 DSC 4799 Copy

Toyota Heritage is still working on other mats for GR Yaris owners; such as rubber type floor mats to catch everything from mud to salt, snow and sand. But our next product coming to market will be the cargo area mats to suit your GR Yaris. Keep watching here!

Toyota Heritage's floor mats for the GR Yaris will be available in our store from 1.00AM AEST.

All enquiries please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


 DSC 4801 Copy


Floor mats for your GR Yaris - coming soon to Toyota Heritage

Toyota GR Yaris owners rejoice - Toyota Heritage is completing a range of mats to cover all floor areas of your GR Yaris.

It all started for us with trying to get some decent floor mats at a reasonable price. But then we realised nearly every owner of a GR Yaris will be needing floor mats that are versatile and look the part.

Available already are our carpet floor mats for your Toyota GR Yaris (pictured). Toyota Heritage is also in the process of working up a design for a rear cargo area (boot/trunk) carpet mat that can remain installed when the rear seat of your GR Yaris is in the upright position or when folded down. Toyota Heritage is testing this design on one of the team's very own GR Yaris.

 DSC 4667 Copy

 For customers who have to battle with salt, snow, sand or mud  we also have in the pipeline for Toyota GR Yaris owners rubber mats that are deep enough to catch everything and keep your GR Yaris carpets wonderful. Ideal for northern hemisphere owners and alpine region Aussies and Kiwis no doubt.

Toyota Heritage's mats for the GR Yaris will be available in August 2021 and will be available with either a black or red edging and have anchors to hold them in place.

Can't wait till August - email Toyota Heritage now to pre-order your mats This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



DSC 4668 Copy

Reproduction L1047 lenses for your early J40 Land Cruiser

DSC 4690 Copy 

 Now available and exclusively from Toyota Heritage - reproduction lenses to replace Koito L1046 and L1047 for your early 1960's built J40 series Toyota Land Cruiser. Especially suited to the FJ45V and FJ45LV Toyota Land Cruiser these reproduction lenses are the thread-in type that were fitted to the fender mounted clearance lamps.

A replacement lens for the Koito L1407 and L1406 lenses has been unavailable for so long that many owners of FJ45V and FJ45LV Toyota Land Cruisers have switched out the clearance lamps for the type with three screws - so here's the opportunity now to return to your FJ45V or FJ45LV Toyota Land Cruiser to complete factory specification with these wonderful reproduction lenses by Toyota Heritage.


DSC 4686 clear Copy

 These reproduction lenses that replace your L1407 and L1406 lenses have been made possible through a long development period and with the assistance of an enthusiast who owns an Australian delivered FJ45V, and is now the proud owner of the first full set of these reproduction lenses.

Toyota Heritage had a specialised tool made that enables the thread to be manufactured and enables great final positioning of the lenses.

The team at Toyota Heritage say that working with enthusiasts to deliver what they need for their projects brings much enjoyment for both the customer and the team.

DSC 4688 Copy

 Not yet available in our online store, Toyota Heritage is taking pre-stock orders and offering a special price of A$100/pair plus shipping ex Brisbane, Australia.

Initially a limited production run will be made. Lenses will be available in amber, red and clear.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order pre-stock of these wonderful reproduction lenses to replace your L1407 and L1406 Koito parts to suit your FJ45V or FJ45LV Toyota Land Cruiser.



 DSC 4686 Copy


Custom Sway Bars for your Toyota GR Yaris from Toyota Heritage

Blog 1 Copy


 Gazoo Racing's GRFour Yaris (GXPA16), also known simply as the GR Yaris, is one of the hottest cars to hit the streets in the last 12 months. Toyota Heritage were very lucky to be involved with one of the very first cars to arrive on the East Coast and started making plans for production of sway bars immediately. 

GR Yaris sway bars are one of the newest products to join the many that Toyota Heritage already offers the Toyota enthusiast.

02 2021 GRY on hoist 2 Copy

Once Toyota Heritage had a GR Yaris available and could get it up on the hoist the DNA of Toyota AWD was imediately apparent. The GR Yaris factory sway bars were measured up and assessment was made as to how easy it would be for GR Yaris enthusiasts to undertake a sway bar swap out at home. Toyota Heritage could see that the GR Yaris rear bar would be a realtively easy affair, and could be done with simply taking off the rear wheels and lowering the exhaust. The rear sway bar also can be fitted using the factory supplied links from Toyota. The front sway bar on the GR Yaris would need the sub-frame lowered though.

The sway bars were then taken into the Toyota Heritage workshop where some baseline testing was undertaken to assess the torsional rigidity of the GR Yaris factory bars (nb not Rallye Pack bars). This process essentially requires the GR Yaris sway bars to be braced in a special test rig and a standardised suspended weight applied to one end. Several tests must be undertaken to get a good data set of the torsional movement of the bar end.


02 2021 Factory front underside Copy

After the first Toyota Hertage GR Yaris sway bars were produced they were also taken into the Toyota Heritage workshop and were also rigged-up and tested in the same fashion as the factory GR Yaris sway bars. Toyota Heritage parametric tested its 22mm rear GR Yaris sway bars along with its 22mm and 24mm front GR Yaris sway bars in this early phase of development.

The results were most interesting. Toyota Heritage's standard GR Yaris front and rear bar package, which is ideal for street and track use, provides increased torsional stiffness of 15% to 30% (22mm rear) and -20% to 15% (24mm front) over factory sized bars.



DSC 4179 copy Copy

Perhaps the best thing about Toyota Heritage's GR Yaris sway bars is that the customer can select any size for front or rear starting from 18mm and going up in 1mm increments to 24mm diameter. Then for the serious GR Yaris owner Toyota Heritage can also offer bar thickness beyond 24mm diameter. Already a number of 25mm rear bars have been sold but so too have 18mm rear bars. If red is not your preferred colour then Toyota Heritage can also powder coat its GR Yaris sway bars in a colour of your choice. Its all down to the GR Yaris owners preference and diring style but there is certainly a sway bar size available from Toyota Heritage that suits most any application from Motorkana to Rally to Track.

 Toyota Heritage GR Yaris sway bars are Australian made, three-way adjustable and powder coated to the highest standards, and come complete with bushes, brackets, links and lateral locks.

full kit web

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* Rear Sway Bar Diameter:

* Front Sway Bar Diameter:


front bar web

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rear bar web

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